Mind Muscle Energy
Mind Muscle Energy 
Here is what some of my clients have to say about the Mind, Muscle, Energy training programs:
"Mind Muscle Energy has changed my life…. I attended Martine’s classes as it was a woman based training class when I was embarrassed of my body… the thought of a co-ed class was not encouraging!
With her encouragement and the hard work during her classes I am now proud of my body. I have lost weight, become healthier, have a more positive outlook but most of all I am a positive influence on my daughter…
Thanks Martine for being an inspiration…"
Connie V - Woodbridge
"I started training with Martine in November 2009, all I can say is, it has been a life changing experience. I now know what it is to have energy, thanks to Martine I was able to take control of my body. I have lost pounds and inches, it is such a wonderful feeling when people are constantly telling me how great I look. It truly is Mind-Muscle-Energy! Thank you Martine! "
Mourashka - Woodbridge
"I started my exercise routine with Martine just over a year ago. Having known Martine for years, I sought out her help after having gone through a summer with an increase in weight, and a decrease in energy. Martine started me on her program using the exercise ball and the BOSU ball. We started slowly since my core and back strength were very weak, but only after a few months I started feeling a difference. Fourteen months later, I am very proud to say that I feel great! My core strength has significantly improved, I feel stronger and I have the energy to tackle all of life’s daily demands. I can truly say exercise has improved my way of life!"
"I highly recommend Martine Eleuteri 's classes. She is patient, knowledgeable and always well prepared. She modifies her program so that everyone is comfortable and able to participate. I like that she circulates the room frequently to ensure that we are doing her exercises properly. I am thrilled to have found her!"
Nadia - Richmond Hill
"Martine creates a very comfortable environment in her studio. She is very knowledgeable about core strength training, and shares her expertise by inspiring you to fulfill your own fitness goals at your own pace. Training with Martine allowed me to improve my flexibility, posture, and core strength. In just three months, I noticed a significant difference in my overall energy level."
"I’m very happy joining your class. It has helped me with energy, feeling good about myself. Keeping my weight down, hope to continue in your class. I enjoy it."
Franca C. - Woodbridge
"I met Martine years ago and instantly liked her; and of course I was thrilled to join her special group of ladies when the opportunity presented itself. Having battled breast cancer 2 years ago; I needed to get “back on track” with my life and my health… and Martine has helped me do just that and continues to help me. I have been with MME Training since March 2010 and it has been a rewarding experience in every sense. Martine is extremely knowledgeable, informative, patient, encouraging, positive and just a beautiful person “inside and out”. I am so honored to know her; she is truly an inspiration to me. Martine makes exercising fun…I look forward to my Tuesday and Thursday mornings and don’t miss them for anything in the world! Thank you Martine, you are my Hero and Guardian Angel!"
Raffaela C.
"Having met Martine at my local community centre, I was impressed by her professional teaching skills and her positive energy. I continue to train with her in a group format at her new studio and thoroughly enjoy and appreciate my workouts."
"I joined the fabulous ladies at MME on Tuesday and Thursday mornings about a year ago under Martines care. I say care because that’s what Martine does, not only does she whip us in shape physically but her positive attitude towards everything really nourishes our soul as well. She actually works out with us while educating us about all things good for our body, how she does it, I will never know. Being the ultimate procrastinator as far as exercise goes after a year of battling illness and weight gain it was her caring and encouragement that allowed me to finally pay attention to myself and get me going. Whether it’s a kind word, a hug, give me 10 more cause I know you can do it! I look forward to my mornings with her and the ladies and encourage anyone who might be thinking of starting up an exercise program to come out and let Martine sprinkle her magic on you. You won’t be sorry."
Diane Donato
"I started working out with Martine and Mind, Muscle, Energy since February 2011. I love the energy in the group class workout, I am motivated to work hard and have fun at the same time. I love the focus on building strength, especially core strength as we work on the Bosu ball and the Kettlebell workout is absolutely fabulous. I feel more energized, and losing a couple inches is great! I am hooked!!"
"I have known Martine for a very long time and she has always been an inspiration to me. She is not only an amazing friend but an excellent personal trainer. Her positive attitude on life and on good health has always been one of the many things that I adore about her. She lives what she preaches and is an excellent role model for fitness and health to us all. She has a style that many are instantly attracted to. Her warm smile and genuine concern makes you feel instantly comfortable around her. Her determination and commitment will help you reach any fitness goal you wish to achieve for yourself. I have been attending her classes for over a year and a half now and I cannot stress enough what a fantastic experience it has been for me. I have gained core strength and endurance and at the same time I have learned that exercise can be fun. I have lost inches and gained muscle when I never imagined I could. Her classes have taught me that I can do almost anything I set my mind to and with her help I continue to challenge myself a little more everyday. I look forward to training with her for a very long time to come. Thank you Martine for all your hard work and dedication. You truly are AMAZING!"
"Hi Martine,
I just wanted to send a Thank You for being such an inspiration. I look forward to our classes and especially feel the motiviation that you give for all of us to try our best and to have a small chance that we can look as great as you do.
You are so modest and don't realize just how wonderful of a role model you are...Look at all those young teens that are in the room...you are so patient and loving to them. Thanks for caring for us Older and Younger Women.
Love ya!!!"
Connie Vendittelli
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