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Yoga with Resist-A-Ball
The Resist-A-Ball offers a new challenge to the practice of Hatha Yoga due to the circular, dynamic, softer surface.

Traditionally, yoga is practiced on the floor, which is firm, mostly flat, and unchanging. By practicing yoga with the ball you will encounter new challenges that will ultimately make you stronger and better balanced.
The ball offers a resistance challenge, increasing the lever length of a limb or repositioning the body on the ball. The ball offers a balance challenge, narrowing the base of support or lengthening a lever. Lastly the ball offers dynamic challenge, some forms of yoga such as in Iyengar or Bikram yoga are more static.
Poses are performed individually and held for longer periods of time. Other forms of yoga such as Ashtanga yoga are practiced at a quicker pace as one pose constantly flows into the next. This connection of poses in time with one’s breath is called a vinyasa. Due to the round moving, unstable surface of the ball, vinyasa is a natural aspect of this yoga. For a dynamic challenge, the ball enables you to transition from one pose to the next adding a “flowing” aspect to challenge your yoga practice.
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