Mind Muscle Energy
Mind Muscle Energy 
Fitness Assessments
Included in your program is an initial fitness assessment to ensure the program is suited for your abilities. Whether you are novice to the fitness world or have been a regular hard core trainer, the classes are tailored to help you achieve your goal of overall wellness and desired body sculpting.

Fitness Assessment Key Focus Areas
  • Determine client’s current health status (using resting HR and BP)
  • Measure Body Mass Index (BMI) relative to disease risks
  • Determining life style factors that may be counterproductive to fitness goals
  • Identifying client’s actual fitness level for muscular strength muscular endurance cardiovascular endurance and flexibility
  • Determining client’s strengths and weaknesses for the purpose of goal setting and counseling
  • Isolating significant injuries and risk factors that might affect clients ability to exercise with a Personal Trainer
  • Developing a unique individualized an accurate exercise prescription for each client that takes into consideration needs desires and lifestyle factors,
  • Establishing a baseline and setting a standard for clients to measure future progress
  • Motivating clients, thus increasing exercise adherence and compliance,
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